Postmodernism: An Attack On Authorial Intent


Recently I was asked to write a response to an article that talked about the impact of postmodernism on society. The purpose of this response was to articulate how postmodern thinking has affected the doctrine of Biblical Authority. Below is my answer:

The Post-Modern trend in Western Culture today is anything but healthy for the doctrine of Biblical Authority. Perfunctory observation will reveal that post-modern thinking has diminished Society’s appreciation for Biblical truths. However, a far more clandestine reality seems to be at play in the Church; namely, she has unwittingly adopted a post-modern practice of interpretation. Phrases like “I feel” or “to me this passage means,” — heard far too often in Bibles studies — show that while the church pays lip service to Biblical Authority, its practice is often at variance with this claim. If the church is to avoid the inevitable fate waiting at the end of this “concealed” path, leaders must teach their congregation — both by word and practice — the importance of authorial intent when interpreting the Bible. Forgive the forthright nature of this brief post. I trust you will not find it crass but helpful.