Sunny Side Up


Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Dan Dewitt’s writing. His most recent book, “Sunny Side Up,” is no exception. Headings like “Confessions Of A Divinity Master” and “On Why We’re Not Cyborgs,” are witty and provide enjoyment throughout the book. C.S. Lewis is referenced on occasion in “classic Dan style” — I wouldn’t want it any other way. What I appreciate most about Dan, is his ability to write profound truths in a simple way. While he does uses nerdy words like orthodoxy and ecclesiology, it is done in a way that adds clarity. This book is theological and practical. It addresses both what we believe and how we live. Dan writes, “It’s dangerously possible to grow in our knowledge of God without growing in our love for God. We can accumulate a lot of knowledge while our hearts remain far from him.” Sunny Side Up does an excellent job of showing how a person’s beliefs informs his or her actions. This was true for Peter and it is true of us as well. Throughout the book Dan replays a very important conversation Peter had with Jesus — a breakfast conversation that changed his life. I personally think Sunny Side Up is some of Dan’s best work and I would happily recommend the book to anyone.