My Story in 100 Words


A few years ago, I took a class in seminary on evangelism. One of the videos we watched encouraged us to write out our testimony in 100 words or less. Then you can share your story briefly at any moment. It’s a snapshot of how God has worked in your life. A brief picture of how you came to know Jesus. Here is mine — exactly 100 words. Once your done reading mine, why not go and write your own?

My life before meeting Jesus probably seemed good by external standards. I had a great family and was a semi-obedient child most of the time. However, internally I was a broken sinner. I struggled to love people and battled with constant desires to do things I knew were wrong. Since I began a relationship with Jesus, I have found that he gives me the strength to say no to sinful desires and offers true and lasting joy. I believe that God is holy, I am sinful, Jesus saves, and he is mine by faith.

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